1,000+ systems installed,

100,000 data points captured daily,

Building Automation Systems tailored for you!


chameleon™ gives you visibility into your restaurant's critical systems, optimizes efficiency and decreases energy consumption.

4 Reasons Why Restaurant Brands Choose Us


Remotely view and control all of your critical systems from anywhere! Change and monitor temperatures for HVAC units, alter indoor and outdoor lighting states and schedules, and get insight into equipment failure the moment it happens.

Energy Reduction

chameleon utilizes the most innovative automation technology and hardware that decreases your energy consumption by 10% to 30% monthly, lowering your energy bill while reducing your carbon footprint.

Preventative Maintenance Analytics

Reducing equipment maintenance costs by 20% or more by providing visibility into your critical systems and their current state, chameleon provides data to predict future failure.

Food Safety

Ensure your restaurants reach-in's and prep tables are at safe temperatures all hours of the day. chameleon provides consistent and accurate temperatures every minute so you know your food is safe and it alerts you when they are not!